Javelin Development Status

Current activities

Done recently:


To make the core available to as many languages as possible, it is written in C, and bindings to other languages are created with SWIG

The core library already has these functions: libjavelin.i.



Nothing done.


Nothing done.


We're cannabalising phpBB, stripping out a lot of stuff. Viewing mostly works, registering/logging in/posting doesn't.

Spooler and Mbox-importer

A small spooler script and an importer for mbox-style files in Perl using the Core are done.

Implementation Issues

Configuration file

(just an idea, not implemented yet) /etc/javelin/javelin.conf:
% notifications: event-typenotification typeargument(s)
% event types: newmessage. When a new message enters the system.
% notification types for 'newmessage': sendmail.
% forum doesn't need notification
% nntp doesn't need notification
newmessage      sendmail        /usr/bin/javelin-mail